About Us

The beginnings of Malt and Stone stemmed from a love for fashion, and a desire to make every woman feel her absolute best in her own skin by accessorizing with handmade earrings. Each earring was carefully designed and lovingly made by hand - with the intent of depicting how a woman should feel in the fashion world. This company is a representation of how our founder, Caitlyn Scott, has evolved and continues to evolve throughout her entrepreneurship journey. Her love for creating and fashion continues to develop as she expands the Malt + Stone brand into a fashion brand, home decor brand and so much more. 

Caitlyn Cuadra, Founder

A force of influence to a community of women. The founder, the brains, the machine behind the Malt + Stone brand. Caitlyn is a self taught business women with a firm understanding of the market in which women come together as one. Caitlyn is an entrepreneur, interior decorator/designer and creator who was raised in Bakersfield, California. After getting her AA, she packed up everything she owned, and left her hometown in Bakersfield and headed to San Francisco for a completely new lifestyle and future of opportunities. She graduated from San Francisco State with a Bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Hospitality Management. Now, Caitlyn is pursuing her dream in running the Malt + Stone brand full time while starting up a second business in home organization and decorating across the U.S.A. 

Maci Ashbee, Lead Operations Guru

Our lead gal with a firm understanding in the female millennial fashion market. With every facet of operations Maci adds her personal touch. She relentlessly seeks opportunity to create value to our customers, our business and the greater Malt + Stone community. Her creative eye keeps our inventory fresh and vibrant while her descriptions of products tell a deep rich story. Maci helps keep our vision true "made by woman for women.” 

Adam Cuadra, Head of Logistics

The only male that gets to sit with us ladies! The man behind the scenes making sure packing and shipping is to the utmost quality and best price for our customers. He is always finding ways to make our processes more efficient and effective. Adam is a true “sister” when it comes to the Malt + Stone brand and can always have a seat at our table, also he’s married to the boss!