Meet the brands we collaborated with on our very first collection. We spent months and months deciding on our first collaborations to bring you honest handmade products into your life. We live in an Amazon world and it tends to leave small handmade businesses behind. We are on a mission to bring brands together and to showcase them in our store as we grow to continuously help them grow along the way as well. 

Hancock Puppy Co. 

Hancock Puppy Co was created by Regina Hancock (Caitlyn's Cousin). She has a passion for pets and plants which is why she decided to emBARK on this journey of making pet accessories. Pun intended. She loves matching with her Golden Retriever, Colter, so that is why she also have a line of human accessories as well. As her business grows, she wants to continuously seek out eco-friendly packaging, fabric, and other materials. She makes all of her products by hand, so rest assured all of your goodies are made with love! 

Fig and Stone 

Based in Southern California, fig + stone home decor was founded by 2 sisters,
Victoria and Rachel. Coming from different backgrounds of experience, this venture was a new start for both sisters and it was only fitting that they settled on the name "fig", meaning a new beginning. They chose the name "stone" to
accentuate the earthy tones and the nature of the materials they use. All products are hand poured in small batches at our their studio, they aim to bring earthy and neutral tones by blending concrete elements together. These decor accents bring a little life to any space in your home.

A Woman In Poetry 

A Woman In Poetry is a healing company, based in San Francisco, that started with a book of prose and poems. Mental health is not something talked about freely, and healing is not a casual thing. Created with intention and authenticity, the goal is to normalize healing. A Woman In Poetry is for the resilient human. The struggling human. That embraces their emotions because they know it's part of the process human. The scared human. The brave human. The heavy human. The sensitive human. The sacred human. The confidently lost human, or the found human, or the somewhere in between human. The returning back to themselves human. A Woman In Poetry is for the more than one thing human.


Tajik Home 

Tajik Home is on a mission to create beautiful affordable textiles for your home and family. They produce in small batches to ensure better quality and innovation. Tajik Home works with weavers and weaving houses in India that have collected textiles for generations. They live by the motto: "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger or unhappiness" ensuring that only fair wages are paid. 

Just Black Denim 

As makers of handcrafted denim in the USA, they believe that honest quality, good value, and exceptional comfort are all essential in creating the perfect product. Every pair of their jeans are made locally in Los Angeles, placing Just Black Denim a brand apart from the rest. It is their mission to continue creating a community of inclusivity, and staying dedicated to their goal of local US manufacturing.

Village Thrive 

It all started on a humanitarian trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2008 when Suzanne was inspired to partner with local artisans to create modern home goods using their traditional crafts which in turn provides sustainable income. Village Thrive is a way to share the natural beauty of this place and its people with you. But it doesn't stop there. Their goods are the product of decades of tradition handed down through generations. The outcome is craft and intentionality. All their products are slow made by hand. No machines are involved in the replication of their goods. What you get is one-of-a-kind product made just for you with the story of someones attention and care crafted into every detail.


Malt + Stone Team 

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