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Let us ask you a question. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of our brand... Let us guess, EARRINGS!? 

Earrings started this brand, and will forever be a huge piece of us. But, thats not all we wanted this brand to be. We have had many conversations with our community of women via social and in person the past two years and theres been a constant theme.

Shopping for each persons figure or style or an appropriate style for someones age is almost impossible in the boutiques near them or in the department stores. 

Now, I (Caitlyn) can relate to this statement more than ever. When I was growing up, I was always super petite and short and some would say "not fully developed" (like some of the other gals at the time). I have this very distinct memory from when I was in elementary school when my mother took me to the outlets with some of my friends and their moms for back to school shopping. As we were walking in and out of all the stores, my friends kept coming out with bags full of items and I still hadn't found a single item. I went into every store my friends did and tried on the same things they did in the smallest size they made which was an XS, and if I was lucky they would have an XXS, but most of them time these pieces were not stylish nor were they cute on my little figure. After an hour or so of shopping, I couldn't take it anymore, I walked out of the last store and cried my eyes out to my mom telling her how it wasn't fair and that there isn't anything for me. 

Ever since that moment, my mom and I were determined to figure out where I could shop. So, we turned to thrift stores, second hand stores, Ross and TJMaxx. These were the places I found comfort. I would walk in and my mom and I would skim every single rack for items that were in my size range and all different types of styles. I will never forget every trip we made to these stores and the endless amount of time we spent in the fitting rooms figuring out my unique style. 

Fast forward, to when I was 16 years old and working for a pretty high end boutique. I was the right hand gal, main sales lady and also the model behind the social. The clothing we carried was so cute and sophisticated and made for grown women. As I modeled each piece of clothing, I had to pretend like It fit me by clipping the back or posing super awkwardly, and I never felt comfortable but I sure wished I could wear those items one day. But, then... One day I was modeling this super precious white lace romper that was nearly impossible to hide the fact it did not fit me, even though it was an XS. The person behind the camera said to me "you look anorexic." 

And thats where this story begins ladies. I just had to give a little preface for what I'm about to share with you. 

Malt + Stone definitely started as an earring brand, but it was never my intention to keep it as such. I wanted to bring a store to your phone that you could shop and feel loved and welcomed into. I wanted a store that made a women feel like she can wear anything in my store that made her feel confident and flirty. Clothing is your personal brand and I have been relentlessly searching and collaborating with other women in business across the United States to bring you clothing from a true XS-3X. Theres still so much more work to be done, and our brand is far from perfect, but it is honest work and the heart behind this brand is like no other. My own experiences in my fashion journey has shaped my desire to bring an all inclusive brand to your door step and I hope you are able to shop most items in our store, and if not send us an email and you will definitely be on our mind when shopping for our next collection. 

Ladies, last thing. Whatever size you are just know, we are all in this together. No size is more important than another and we are so wonderfully made in our unique ways. 

You are fiercely loved and expected here <3


Caitlyn Cuadra - Founder and Creator 

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