We've herd the saying "less is more," and "quality vs quantity," but do we actually believe these sayings? This is a forever ongoing question in the retail world because we as humans are creatures of consumption. We LOVE to consume anything and everything and now with all the recent technology and marketing tactics we are constantly being persuaded to buy buy buy and buy some more. We have Instagram promoting the latest and greatest Mac from Apple, Fashion Influencers telling us to buy this and that, we have MLM's coming in all directions, the next car company creating the latest and greatest hybrid car and so many other things. But how do we actually live in this quality vs quantity mindset? 

Quality = The degree of excellence of something.

Quantity = The amount or number of a material or immaterial thing not usually estimated by spatial measurement.

When we think of quality, we think in business terms . We are looking for brands that produce quality and consistent work. So, if we place our minds into a consumer mindset, we are thinking that someone would love to purchase this piece of clothing because it will last them 5+ years. The person who made the product makes a product to last (especially in the small business world). But, in todays world we are seeing so many brands blow up with sheer marketing tactics and a lack of quality in their products. So, how does quality get produced? Quality is produced through trial and error, preciseness and excellence. When you look at a Malt + Stone item we hope you always say, "this is true quality." We have been in the polymer earring making business for almost 2 years now and have now stepped into the fashion realm. Finding clothing that is produced with excellence and true work(woman)ship is our priority. We designed our store to be nothing but the best quality and we want it to stay simple and neat so you forever trust that we are bringing you nothing but the best. With quality comes a cost as well, but just know that price is more of an investment when you pay for quality. 

Quantity is a number and that number is different for everyone. Quantity for a business is based on inventory and we keep it real tight and very small because shops all across the US are purchasing in mass wholesale from wholesalers who are paying the very least to their workers for clothing to just be dumped into the trash, put into Goodwills, or sitting in closets or wholesale warehouses because its not selling. Our business model is designed to keep a very small inventory so that we don't produce waste constantly. Our scrap sales are a true testament to this as well as the amount of clothing items we have in store. We only keep 10-15 clothing items in our store at a time and we do this to eliminate waste as much as possible. 

So let us ask you this question, do you live a quality vs quantity lifestyle? If so, how do you do this? We would love to see in the comments section!

Recently our creator, Caitlyn turned her closet into a "Capsule Wardrobe" to eliminate overconsumption in the clothing world and she said "It is the most freeing thing and makes day to day looks so much easier to establish."

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